Thursday, March 8, 2012

Almost ready to paint

I've finished carving all the details and have almost finished burning them. The wood burner helps add shadows to the carved areas and also helps to keep different colors of paint in different sections from bleeding into each other. I don't set it high enough to blacken the wood; I want it to cut the wood and slightly brown it. I can use a knife to scrape or cut areas that are too dark and I may hit it with a bristle sander also, to reduce the contrast. You can see in this picture the slight difference it makes, how the cuts and details stand out more, but it doesn't look like it is outlined or drawn on.

Here are some of the details on the boots. They will be pretty snazzy when painted!

Little details, like wrinkles in the clothing where it tucks in, or the arms or knees bend add a certain realistic touch, even on caricatures. The seams on the jeans and shirt do that also, and completely disguises the joints on the shoulders where the arms are glued on.

The head is still separate and I'll have to get it and the shirt painted before gluing it on. I take a lot of pictures, because it helps me notice details that I need to take care of, like the fizzie piece in her hair!

Thanks for looking!

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