Wednesday, February 3, 2010

OutWest Gallery "Quigley Challenge" Carving Contest

Finally! All the entries are finally in and it's all over but the judging. The suspense has been killing me, but all the entries are in and Lynn Doughty posted them on his web site (see the link to the left). So, now I can post the photos of my carving that I entered. Of the 40-50 people around the world who signed up, 26 completed and entered carvings, but the winner has still not been chosen. I think mine turned out well, but I can see entries by others who definitely have more experience and a lot more knowledge of carving cowboys. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but I wouldn't be upset to lose to some of these guys! I tried to focus on the things that I though I could execute the best, instead of trying to add arms and hands and guns and stuff that I have never attempted before. The details some of these guys have added are really amazing! Be sure to check out the photos to the left. There are additional photos of my carving in my photo gallery. As always, thanks for looking!

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