Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Tennesee Stud

"The Tennesee stud was long and lean,

the color of the sun, and his eyes were green.

He had the nerve, and he had the blood...

there never was a horse like the Tennesee stud!"

This old hoss is feeling pretty stud-ly, with his stripe-dy pants and rodeo buckle! He is ready to chase a few fillies, and even has a stick to beat them off, should he prove to be tooo irisistable down at the county fairgrounds.

This is another completed project from the Renegade Roundup, a Gary Falin roughout called "Muffin". Gary suggested that I change his design up a bit, by adding the mustache, and it kinda grew into this fellow. I liked the pants and the way he was posed, but it was hard to pick from all the roughouts that Gary had available. Great guy, great carver, and great instructor!

If you get a chance, google Tennesee Stud and listen to the song....the versions by Doc Watson or Johnny Cash on YouTube are both good! Thanks for looking!

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