Monday, July 11, 2011

Bird House

I'm working on a carved bird house for a contest that ends this month. I wasn't sure if I wanted to enter or what my design would be until I finally come up with something on July 4th. So now the pressure is on to get it completed like I want and to get it entered. I wanted to use a simple design and simple materials, in keeping with a traditional birdhouse. But I wanted to use carving to elevate it from something humble, to something more artistic. So I used some pine left over from some drawers I built for a dresser and started doing some simple relief patterns on it. This is where I am so far. Thanks for looking.


  1. I hope you're not going to hang something that pretty out on a tree:-)

  2. Lol, maybe not! I-m doing it out of pine, so it ought to hold up. I've been wondering how it might look as a weathered gray? One of my concerns is that I am considering doing the roof as large carved leaves over-lapping each other like shingles. Maybe only 3-4 on each side. I'm concerned that the roof might tend to hold water and cause it to rot, if I carve it too deeply. I need to get the rest finished before I decide on that!