Thursday, June 9, 2011

Getting Ready for War Eagle

I registered for the War Eagle carving seminars again for this September and I am attempting to practice and get my carving skills in shape before attending! I hope that the better I am prepared, the more I will get out of it. I am signed up with Adina Huckins again and I don't want her to think I wasn't paying attention the last time. She emphasized repetition and practice as a way to improve skills, as a way to train your muscles to carve properly, to correctly cut and shape the wood.

So I am going to try and carve as many heads as possible in the next 3 months, trying to "remember" all the things she said and taught in the first class. I was pleased with the carving I did in the first class and it showed me I was capable of creating something good. Now the trick is to accomplish something of similar quality without Adina suggesting that I make this a little more symetrical or that I take a little bit more off over there. I have had a few commissioned carvings since last September that prevented me from jumping right in and I have to admit that some of my solo attempts were still kinda discouraging.

But I have no excuses remaining and I am a little encouraged that I am seeing some improvement with the ones I have worked on lately. Plus, it is also important to work at enough to improve physical endurance so that I can carve 8 or so hours daily for a week!

I am also evaluating my carving bench. Last year, I had problems with my vise, so I want to make sure everything is properly tested before loading up. So far, it has worked well and my only real concern would be the space it would require as opposed to one I can just clamp to a table or bench. Anyhow, thanks for looking and listening!


  1. You're *much* better at carving faces than I am. I just can't seem to get it. So I am already jealous of your skills:-)

  2. Lol.... I have no problems with old faces, since I have a convenient model in my own! But I wanted and still want to get better, especially with other types of faces. I figured lessons would help and I highly recommend Adina's classes. Take a look at her page or her sister, Janet Cordell. They are really artists!