Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Still Running Against the Wind"

Here is a cane I just completed.I seem to be inspired by a lot of different songs lately. I have been wanting to carve a cane with a girls face and her hair as part of the handle for some time. One of the problems I have when carving on the end of a handle like this is that it is usually end grain. I prefer to have my grain running length-wise in the handle for strength and I like to add a spacer with the grain running vertically for the same reason. So I have been thinking about carving the face from a separate piece and inlaying it into the end. This is my first attempt, and I used basswood for the face and walnut for the handle and spacer. I turned the spacer a little thinner and taller than I normally do, trying for a feeling of delicacy. The handle and spacer are attached with epoxy and 1/4" threaded rod to the Bradford pear shaft with the bark on. I wood burned details for the hair using a pyrographic pen and finished with satin poly and a coat of wax. I still haven't carved a female face quite like I want it.....but practice makes perfect! Thanks for looking

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