Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finishing up a carving

I've been working to complete a carving to enter in a contest and just finished it the past weekend. I may not post any pictures of it until after the 30th, but here is a "preview" to keep you interested! I have started a snake cane, in the David Stehly style (http://www.artsticks.com/ ), and I am continuing to work on ornaments and holiday stuff in between projects. I have registered for a week-long carving seminar in northwest Arkansas in Spetember, and will be taking a class from the renowned carver Adina Denton Huckins! I am really looking forward to this and hope to take my carvings to a higher level! I am also trying to practice for some other contests, but will be posting pictures of completed work within the next week of those things. Thanks for looking!

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