Saturday, April 3, 2010

Crooked Canes

I just completed a couple of newcanes using some very interesting shafts I collected back in Alabama. I am not sure exactly what kind of trees they came from....possibly beech, wild cherry, or plum. The handles are cherry, with a spacer turned on a lathe. I love the smooth, finished, classy look of cherry contrasted with the organic, gnarled, rough shapes of the rest of the canes. I did a requested design on the first and the second has a "seven star" pattern often painted on old barns in Pennslyvania to bring good luck! The first one is already gone, as a gift for a dear friend of my daughter. The second is still available ($50).

Email me at if interested in a commissioned piece or something I have available. I have the frog cane, the crooked cane 2, and the elf with the green hat still available. I keep trying to get a stock of items built up, but things are selling pretty quick at the moment! I should always have such luck!

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