Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wrinkled Elf

I'm going to try and and work on Christmas stuff while doing my other carvings in order to keep a little ahead on those items. It is easy to get burnt out on Santas and stuff during the holidays, so hopefully it will help if I get a little bit of inventory stocked up. This is just a simple little elf, in a style similar to the last Santa I did last year. I am trying to get a level of realism with the wrinkles and such, so as to make it seem almost alive. Elves are magical creatures and hopefully it will add a little to the magic of the holidays with an ornament like this peeping out from your tree. I generally get $30 each for my ornaments, if anyone sees something they like!

Here's the link to more photos of my work:

Thanks for looking!

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