Monday, January 28, 2013

a staff for Santa

A guy in Ohio who plays Santa contacted me about making him a staff similar to one I did a few years back. This one is taller and I added the teddy bear. And I think the elf is cuter than the last one! The carved portion is 22" and the shaft portion is 48" making it 5' 10" tall. The Santa and packages and stuff are all stacked on a metal rod that is attached to the shaft. I used a threaded insert on the shaft and then ran a metal pin thru it and the wood. I expoxied that end. Then I used wood glue between the other pieces and tightened it all up with a nut on top of the top package, which made it very sturdy, despite the length of the rod. The Santa was then glued on top with epoxy. Here's a few pictures; thanks for looking!

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