Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Behind Blue Eyes" finished

I seem to have a habit of naming my carvings of ladies after songs and I’m not sure exactly why. My music tastes are random and I can’t sing or play an instrument. Maybe carving is how I sing, how I try to provoke a feeling or emotion in an audience? I don’t really start a carving with the intention of creating a particular look or appearance; I just start the basic shape of a head and different features and try to get the right shapes and placement blocked out, more of an exercise in form than in art. But, at some point, the nose or shape of the mouth or some element starts to take shape in a way that seems to grab me, that inspires the rest of the piece. I get drawn in trying to figure out how to correctly shape the beauty that I discover almost accidently. And as I work, a song or title will just come to me and the more I think about the song, the more something about it seems to fit the carving. I am not sure who this is or what she sees or what she may be thinking about. Maybe she hears the song that I hear? Thanks for looking!

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  1. Reading your post here about your carving and the intimate workings of wood inspired me, it is so awesome how an artist and you certainly are one..no doubt there have a way of becoming one with a piece.

    Although i do not carve, i do this often with my wood lathe creations so i understand the element you are referring to.

    I really like what you said, "I guess it is the way in which i sing" that is exactly correct, it is your way of singing..amazing as it is...singing with one's hands.

    Maybe you should name your side business/hobby/blog, "Singing With One's Hands" that would be cool

    Take care and know that someone in Eastern North Carolina appreciates your artwork, your carvings and your style.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your work.