Friday, September 23, 2011

Stout Little Santa

Just got his one finished. He is based on a design by Jim McGuire with some changes of my own. I think he is a happy looking little fellow!


  1. This is one great looking Santa. Facial expression, clothing/bag folds and texturing are on point. Deffinetly a blue ribbon winner - A+

  2. The teddy bear looks fuzzy. Did you do something special to give it that appearance?

  3. Thanks guys! Tom, I used the same technique on the bear and the fur trim on the coat. I use a small #11 u gouge to take little divots out from a lot of different angles and then I use a 3m Scotchbrite bristle sander to knock off all the edges, until it has a real "soft" appearance. I keep at it until it looks fuzzy or like sheep skin or wool. You can see the same effect on the girl's hair above.