Saturday, October 2, 2010

Barefoot Hitty Doll

Here is a doll I started as my second project at War Eagle. Adina is known for her dolls and it was a chance for me to practice an additional female face. I had a lot of fun carving her, but she looks too is strange takeing photos, so I had to buy her a dress! Thanks for looking!


  1. Mike
    Whose pattern did you use , was it your own and any chance of you posting a copy , if not i understand!


  2. I have a pattern for bandsawing the blank; otherwise it was just what I made up. Send me an email ( and I'll scan and send you the pattern I have. OOh, I also have a word document with some step-by-step photos I took when I was carving it, if you want?

  3. Oh,Mike ,she does look real. I'm interested in your pattern and instructions.I just join a Hitty group and brought a Hitty doll kit to crave. Thanks. Mary