Monday, December 28, 2009


My name is Mike Pounders and I carve wood. Lots of wood, all kinds of wood, different styles, and subjects. I still haven't decided what is most fun. I carve Santas and elves, wood spirits, spoons, cowboys, leaves, flowers, canes, toys, and I am currently working on a guitarist. I carve a lot in Linden (basswood) and poplar, but find it difficult to walk past "found" wood that looks interesting. It bothers me to think that interesting pieces that I can make something from will just be hauled away or burned. I make canes and staffs from some and I also harvest driftwood from the lakes near my house. I carve things that interest me and occasionaly sell my work.

I am 55, happily married, and have a beautiful daughter who graduated from college last year. I am still learning how to use this blogspot and hope to link pictures of my work and possibly some tutorials on tools and carvings. Thanks for looking!

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